G Glass plates P POLYGRAM® polyester sheets A ALUGRAM® aluminium sheets Ax ALUGRAM® Xtra aluminium sheets
Available supports Phase Description
Standard silica
G       ADAMANT silica 60, improved binder system, optimized particle size distribution
G P A Ax



silica 60, standard grade, particle size 5-17 µm ALUGRAM® Xtra: as above, on aluminium, outstanding wettability, improved cutting properties
G       DURASIL silica 60, special binder system
  P     SIL N-HR high purity silica 60, special binder system, higher gypsum content
G     Ax SILGUR silica 60 with kieselguhr concentrating zone
Unmodified silica for HPTLC
G     Ax Nano-SILGUR nano silica 60 with kieselguhr concentrating zone
G       Nano-ADAMANT nano silica 60, optimized binder system and particle size distribution
G   A Ax Nano-SIL nano silica 60, standard grade, particle size 2-10 µm
G       Nano-DURASIL nano silica 60, special binder system
Modified silica for HPTLC
G       Nano-SIL C18-50 / C18-100 nano silica with partial or complete C18 modification
G   A   RP-18 W nano silica with partial octadecyl modification, wettable with water
G   A   RP-2 silanized silica = dimethyl-modified silica 60
G   A   Nano-SIL CN cyano-modified nano silica
G   A   Nano-SIL NH2 amino-modified nano silica
G       Nano-SIL Diol diol-modified nano silica
Aluminium oxide
G P A   Alox-25 / Alox N aluminium oxide
Cellulose, unmodified and modified
G P A   CEL 300 native fibrous cellulose MN 300
G P     CEL 400 microcrystalline cellulose MN 400 (AVICEL)
  P     CEL 300 PEI polyethyleneimine-impregnated cellulose ion exchanger
  P     CEL 300 AC acetylated cellulose MN 300
Layers for special separations
  P     Polyamide 6 perlon = ε-aminopolycaprolactame
G       CHIRALPLATE RP-silica with Cu2+ ions and chiral reagent, for enantiomer separation
G       SIL G-25 HR high purity silica 60 with gypsum, recommended for aflatoxin analysis
G       SIL G-25 Tenside silica G with ammonium sulfate for separation of surfactants
G       Nano-SIL PAH nano silica with special impregnation for PAH analysis
  P     IONEX-25 SA-Na mixed layer of strongly acidic cation exchanger and silica
  P     IONEX-25 SB-AC mixed layer of strongly basic anion exchanger and silica
G       Alox/CEL-AC-Mix mixed layer of aluminium oxide and acetylated cellulose
G       SILCEL-Mix mixed layer of cellulose and silica